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Multi-Player Super Pixel Bros Idea

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:56 am
by Saimaster13
I've always liked Mario Brothers games ever since my dad let me play his Super Nintendo, yet one thing lacking in them was the multi-player aspect: you couldn't play with your friend at the same time. I think Super Pixel Bros could change this by allowing you to play with a friend or 3.

Would it be possible to code in another player? (preferably of a different color pixel, which I don't think the color part would be the hard part...)
The second player might have to have a second screen, one that scrolls with him (making the need for another 8x8 RGB LED matrix)
It would be very cool if you could get 4 players going, 4 different colored dots, 4 different screens (or one big one)

My full idea was to take the super pong table, make it RGB, and add buttons supporting Pixel Bros and maybe all of brad's other games.
There would have to be a game select screen and the microcontroller would have to communicate with an extra memory chip (I was thinking either eeprom or flash dip packages, since they can be cheap, small, and have MBs of data) which it would load the games off of.

Is any of this possible?

Note: I... do not know very much about what I am talking about: I hobby in electronics (for about 4 months now) got an Arduino, and learned the copy paste method of programming. In other words: I do not know how to program, so I would currently be unable to attempt or evaluate this project. I, however, do plan to learn how to program pics (I ordered 3 different kinds already and have a cheap programmer I got from China) and it would be pretty cool to learn how to add more players/more screens in programs/games.

Re: Multi-Player Super Pixel Bros Idea

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:45 am
by brad
Great minds think alike - I have had that exact idea in my list of to-do's for over a year!

My idea was to have the game run wirelessly so every player would have their own screen to play with. The microcontrollers would communicate and constantly send data between them so they know when another player is within their field of view etc...

I myself have bought an arduino but have found the programming to be harder to understand that swordfish basic. I commented on your other post, but I highly recommend programming in swordfish basic.

It is about time I made another tutorial - I will try and get one done this weekend. I'll start simple with how to make one LED flash on and off in swordfish basic. you will see it is a great programming language!

you may still want to do the assembly tutorials because it is great in understanding how the inner workings of the microcontroller work although it is harder to understand than basic.

Stay tuned for more on the tutorials!

Re: Multi-Player Super Pixel Bros Idea

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:43 pm
by Saimaster13
I'll be sure to.