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I practically live here!
I practically live here!
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Post by Chuckt » Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:37 am


This is a proof-of-concept dual bootloader for Atmel AVR atmega chips.
It combines a serial bootloader and a mmc/sd card based one in the
same 2kb of flash memory that is normally used by the arduino serial
loader alone.

You might ask Why? Well, I have quite a few arduino "in the field".
I can simply drag a .hex file to an SD card, insert it in an SD shield,
and field-upgrade my boards without additional hardware. At the same time,
I can connect the serial port and start developping with the normal Arduino

* Uses just 2kb of flash, so it fits into the normal boot block of most atmegas
* Serial bootloader is arduino compatible (avrdude / stk500v1)
* MMC bootloader can read directly a *.hex file from an SD/MMC card
* Supported are FAT16 formatted cards up to 2GB in size (no SDHC yet)
* All of ladyada's fixes to the original bootloader are included
https://github.com/thseiler/embedded/tr ... avr/2boots

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Re: Avr/2boots/

Post by brad » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:25 pm

Now that is cool, I am working on some projects at the moment in order to sell them. It would be fantastic for users to be able to update the code themselves by simply using an SD card.

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