Electronics Fundamentals

This is a series of around 30 video tutorials that I have put together to help those just starting out with electronics. Most video’s have a multiple choice quiz so you can test your knowledge before progressing to the next video. There are around ten more quizes still to be uploaded and they will all be uploaded before the end of February 2018. I hope you find these tutorials useful!

1. Basic Atomic Theory


2. Voltage, Current and Resistance


3. How to use Your Calculator


4. DC Series Circuits With One Resistor


5. DC Series Circuits With Two Resistors


6. DC Series Circuits With Three Resistors


7. Applications of DC Series Resistor Circuits


8. Resistor Types, Values and Color Codes


9. Voltage Dividers and Measuring Voltages


10. Introduction to Resistors in Parallel


11. DC Parallel Circuits With Two Resistors


12. DC Parallel Circuits With Three Resistors


13. Applications of Resistors In Parallel


14. Measuring Parallel Circuit Values


15. DC Series / Parallel Resistor Circuits


16. Batteries and Cells


17. Power in DC Resistor Circuits


18. Measuring Resistance With A Multimeter


19. Introduction to Electronics Breadboards


20. Measuring Voltage and Current with A Multimeter


21. Buttons and Switches

Quiz still to come..


22. Rheostats and Potentiometers

Quiz still to come..


23. Introduction to Capacitors

Quiz still to come..


24. Resistor / Capacitor Time Constants

Quiz still to come..


25. Resistor/Capacitor Time Constant Example Application

Quiz still to come..


26. Magnets and Electromagnets

Quiz still to come..


27. Principles of Induction

Quiz still to come..


28. Introduction to Inductors

Quiz still to come..


29. Resistor / Inductor Time Constants

Quiz still to come..


30. Understanding Capacitor and Inductor Markings

Quiz still to come…


31. Relay Fundamentals

Quiz still to come..


End of Video Series.