Electronics Fundamentals


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This course will take you through the basics of electronics starting with atomic theory.

  • This section deals with electronics theory

    • Basic Atomic Theory
    • Basic Atomic Theory Quiz
    • Voltage, Current and Resistance
    • How to Use Your Calculator
    • DC Series Resistive (Single Resistor) Circuits
    • DC Series Resistive (Two Resistor) Circuits
    • DC Series Resistive (Three Resistor) Circuits
    • Applications of Series Resistive Circuits
    • Resistor Types, Values and Color Codes
    • Voltage Dividers and Measuring Voltages
    • Introduction to Resistors in Parallel
    • DC Parallel Resistor Circuit with Two Resistors
    • DC Parallel Resistor Circuit with Three Resistors
    • Applications of Resistors in Parallel
    • Measuring Parallel Resistor Circuit Values
    • DC Series / Parallel Resistor Circuits
    • Batteries and Cells
    • Power in DC Resistor Circuits
    • Measuring Resistance with a Multimeter
    • Introduction to the Electronics Breadboard
    • Measuring Voltage and Current with a Multimeter
    • Buttons and Switches
    • Rheostats and Potentiometers (Variable Resistors)
    • Introduction to Capacitors
    • Resistor Capacitor (RC) Time Constants
    • A Practical Use of RC Time Constants
    • Magnets and Electromagnets
    • Principles of Induction
    • Introduction to Inductors
    • Resistor Inductor (RL) Time Constants
    • Understanding Capacitor and Inductor Markings
    • Relay Fundamentals

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