The One Chip RGB POV Display.

By brad, June 30, 2013

You can get full details of this project on the instructables website by clicking here.

  • lawrence Wilson

    I’m doing a class project (POV) I like the sofeware you used (8×85)HxD I can not download it Can you send me the link for the necessary sofeware

    • admin

      Hi Lawrence, do you mean just the HxD program (which allows you to edit hexadecimal files) or are you looking for software that can convert a graphic into binary numbers to load onto your projects microcontroller?

      • lawrence Wilson

        Yes Yes

      • lawrence Wilson

        can you help me

      • lawrence Wilson

        Sorry I see the time difference

        • admin

          I can help, but which software did you need because I have used a few different programs. HxD can only edit hex files it does not draw your graphics for you.

          If HxD is all you are looking for – you can download it here:

  • Dash Malone

    Fantastic. I am excited that you are trying to use this super amazing technology for gaming purposes.

  • shawnpwest

    Hey. I’m pretty new to pic and have a question. What would it take to add multiples of 8 RGB LEDs to this? If possible, could you email me? I’ll end up forgetting to check back to see if you’ve commented back. 🙂

    Shawnpwest at gmail dot com

  • shawnpwest

    Which 5 pins of the pic processor go to the pic kit?

  • I was looking into this project, but I would like to know what kind of pickit2 would I need. Would anyone of them do?

  • admin

    @Shawnpwest, sorry for the late reply, the pins you need are: VPP, VCC, GND, PGC and PGD.

  • admin

    @William, I’m not sure exactly what you’re question is asking but I’ll see if this answer helps. The PICKIT2 is an adapter that connects to your USB port and then from there, to your microcontroller. It allows you to copy your code from your computer to the microcontroller chip. So I guess in that sense, there is only one PICKIT 2.

    If you were in fact referring to the different types of microconrollers out there then the particular one that I used for this project was the 18f4680. Although you could use dozens of other ones, my code is specifically written for that device.

    You can get them cheapest from microchip direct or possibly ebay,

  • Fazal

    Hello just one question i am newbie to all this, I am using a PIC18F4620 will there be any change in the program from PIC18F4680 or can i just go ahead using your conversion software and burn it to my PIC.

    P.S. The first line should be changed to PIC18F4620 is there any other changes?

    Thanks in advance

  • Fredrik Mathiesen

    After studying the schematics and instructables for a while, I can’t find out how the 5 volt regulator is connected to the rest. Is Vcc for the hall effect sensor and the microcontroller the output from the regulator? Or are they different? Help is really appreciated, as I’m building this for a final electronics project 🙂

    Update: I found the answer in the instructables!

    • Great inhgist! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

  • Leo

    Hello Brad

    Amazing job. I got a question for you.
    Have you tried to build the same project but using Arduinos?


  • hassan.pic

    hi brad

  • hassan.pic

    hello my frind brad .your project very nice nice nice . ineed you help . plz plz. iwant to build like your project but only scrolling text .and just one coller .ican not do this program how and my soft is MICRO PRO FOR PIC.(C) .plz my frind can you send me how I can scroll message by small exampl. I thank you so mach. my email .