Great Prices on LED Panels

By brad, October 4, 2014

I am a huge fan of LED matrix displays and have searched the internet far and wide for the best prices. After years of searching I have finally found the best deals on LED matrix displays.

The website is:

However you can deal directly with James by sending him an email of what you want. He will then email back with a total price including shipping. Here is his email address:

And finally, here’s a price list for the different LED modules that you can get:

USD led modules price 2014


Be sure to let me know what projects you make with your LED panels!


  • Ryan Holm

    awesome, I have a few of these displays around that iv bought off of ebay… do you know if they will sell single units? Their price list all has prices per 200 units.

    • Brad Slattery

      Hi Ryan, yes you can buy individual units. I just bought a 32×32 RGB Panel and then 10pcs of the red 16×32 panel and also 12 pcs of the blue 16×32 panels. Do you have any projects in mind to use them for?

      • Ryan Holm

        Right now I am in the midst of making a pong clock(how original eh?) might make it play space invaders instead… cant think of a lot of arcade games that someone would instantly recognize that would be good for keeping time as the score.. pong works well cause its interesting just to see the ball bounce back and forth and every minute someone can score… space invaders I was more thinking the guy would win the level every minute.

        I am actually doing the project to learn the Parallax Propeller and its native language SPIN as I have a ton(like 20) of the “Propeller Project Board USB” laying about and never have used one. Someone else has also written a driver for the 16×32 matrix that will do 30fps in 24bit colour on up to 6 displays so its probably the best hobbyist platform to go with for the displays and while I usually like writing my own code right from scratch I am not talented enough to get that kind of speed :p maybe one day

  • Sorry, but the link seems to be broken. Have you a new link for me?

  • Michael

    Are there any rgb led panels? I looked on the website and could find very few options right now. The link that you originally posted is not found as well.