Electronics Video Tutorial 5 – Introduction to Capacitors.

By brad, July 3, 2013

  • david lucas

    i am enjoying your tutorials. different people describe things with just a little different emphasis here and there and that helps to round out understanding. i also really like your calculator. the display is so easy to read. could you please tell me the make and model number of it? maybe i can find one like it on ebay. THANKS

  • admin

    Hi David, glad you enjoy the tutorials – one day I will get some time to make some more 🙂

    The calculator I use is actually an android app (The calculator you see in the video’s is just my phone).

    If you have an android phone the app is free and is called real calc.

  • david lucas

    Thanks so much for kindly answering my question so quickly. i am just an older retired guy getting into electronics as a hobby. i had no idea them newer phones could do so many things. maybe i will have to get one. used ones are so inexpensive.

    Good Luck with your Twins! i can’t imagine how you will have much time for all this electronic stuff while having twins to entertain. 🙂

    i will keep your site listed on my study page and maybe in the future i will get back to you with some questions or progress reports?

    ever been to this guy’s site?

    he has a kit so you can build a discrete 555 timer on a printed circuit board that is 5.215 X 3.175 inches in size using all the resistors and transistors that are internal to the actual 555 timer. that way you can use it to do learning experiments or go inside of it when it is working and check out its circuits. 🙂

    i ordered one just to learn stuff from it. he also sells a robot water color picture painting device that looks Great for kids. it is obvious that his “evil mad scientist” characterization is only a good natured pun. judging by his site he appears to be a very kind hearted individual which i think is what God hopes of His creatures to whom He has given that gift of free will. kindness, caring, creativity, compassion and the like are all fruits of the Spirit.