Electronics Video Tutorial 12 – Using the BJT as a Switch.

By brad, July 3, 2013

  • I am a 77 year old male, living in the UK and am just getting into
    PIC programming. I have dabbled in electronics for a good many years,
    but I find your tutorials are a great way of revising how transistors etc.,
    work. Your tutorials on programming PIC’s are great. Many thanks.

    I would be interested in Programming a PIC for a stepping motor, as these
    are getting quite common (recovered from disk drives etc.,) Because of my
    age I have difficulty in creating a new script from scratch, but looking at
    your already made scripts, I am beginning to understand them a lot more.
    Many thanks again, keep up the good work.

    • Brad Slattery

      Hi Allen, great to hear you are experimenting with PIC programming. I’m sure you will have quite a lot of fun with them, especially when integrating with components you have previous knowledge of. I have not used assembly language in some years now but have moved on to using swordfish basic for the majority of my projects. What have you been coding your PICs in?