Brads Electronics Shop

By brad, February 25, 2016

I decided to open up my own little online electronics hobby store – Brads Electronics Shop (can you see how I came up with that name?)

At the moment it is intended for those in Australia It’s now open to all those worldwide! to get all sorts of electronics components, tools, modules, wires etc… At a low price. So if you are in Australia and you’re looking for something for your next project, be sure to check it out!

Well it turns out the store was doing poorly so I have closed it for the time being 🙂

  • Ian

    Congratulations on opening your new venture and all the best for the future. Any chance of including New Zealand in it.

  • brad

    Hi Ian, thanks very much for the comment!

    I would like to be able to ship to New Zealand and other countries for that matter however Australia Post makes that task quite hard indeed. Every item that is to be sent overseas has to have a CN22 form to go along with it which wouldn’t be so bad if you could print them out but in Australia you must do them manually and it’s quite a time consuming process. Further to that, the price to send things overseas would make it to expensive for people to buy from me rather than in their own country. It’s quite a shame but if you ever move to Australia, be sure to check out the store again! (or if I were to move to NZ…)

  • Any didgi-rulers available?

  • Ghost


    Is there any way for those who do not live in Australia to get a DigiRule ?
    I do live in France and I looking for a way to order at least 2 DigRule…